[LaTeX tip no. 2] Multiple use of footnotes

Imagine you put your citation-commands in a footnote – something like

...foo\footnote{\cite{Smith2000}, p. 42}

Now imagine you have another citation which uses the same citation mark:

... bar\footnote{\cite{Smith2000}, p. 42}

So you have two identical citation marks in footnotes on one page … not very nice huh? So why do you not use the same footnote for both citations? It’s very easy done with a macro:


It tells the Latex system to use the last footnote identified by the counter – value{counter} returns the value of the last footnote counter (you guessed so, huh?)

Now you can use it like this:

... foo\footnote{\cite{Smith2000}, p. 42}
... bar\lastfootnote

Both words, foo and bar, will have the same footnote counter referring to one single footnote. Pretty neat!

Did I mention that I start to love Latex? 😉

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