Tram marshals

Sky marshals, accompanying US airplanes, are old hats – our municipal transport services now deploy tram marshals, accompanying the tram cars and protecting the passengers. On my way to the dentist (yeehaa, no cavity found!) I saw a tram marshal – at least I think it was one. A heavyset bearded man, looking very tired, sat behind me. He was wearing a uniform of the transport service with a label saying "Aufsicht" (supervisor, surveillance). Now two questions come to my mind: 1. Was this really a tram marshal? If yes, what exactly is his job? I never experienced any situation in a tram that might have been dangerous. I think our city is pretty safe. 2. Or was he a controller, checking if people have a ticket. If yes, why was he wearing a uniform then? People could recognize him easily and jump off the tram car …

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