Wow it's snowing so heavily outside for hours now. I like it when everything looks bright and white, it's all so clean 🙂
And I really wonder where our freaky caretaker is. He is a small, fat man, wearing a thick gold chain around his fat neck, being very choleric, shouting at people passing by on the street not having their dogs on a leash (yeah, you got it, I don't like him). He has a motor-lawnmower, he drives it almost everyday over the lawns around the houses here, but always around noon, at a time when maybe older people living here want to take a nap or other try to work (including me). He sits on the mower like little fat king on the hill, mowing motoneously back and forth for hours. So why I wonder where he is – he can use his mower also as a snowblower to move away all snow, so that people do not slip in the snow and fall down and break something – which is far more important than mowing lawns in my opinion. But anyway, I guess I will see him around in 2 or 3 hours, when it's noon.

[update] – it's 3 pm now and that dude is eventually moving away the snow in front of our house.

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