What’s new …

  • Jonas‘ long anticipated first tooth has finally appeared on last friday
  • he started eating babyfood – hard work to hit the mouth with the spoon and keep the food inside 😉
  • we worked in our „garden“ and now we grow tomatoes, strawberries, chilis and watermelon (let’s see if it will carry any fruits, otherwise we will just buy one and put it next to the plant to impress the neighbours *haha*) – it was really hard work b/c no one seems to have done anything there for years and we had to put a lot of new soil (500l)
  • Steffis and Marcos son Elias Stefan was born on May 7 – congratulations again and enjoy your time being three now
  • Olafs PhD thesis is growing continuously (although growth feels slow and I have a lot of reading work)
  • still no DSL (yes, I know, doesn’t really fit under the headline „What’s new …“)

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