Blogroll Update

As you can see, I updated my blogroll a bit. I mostly added some blogs that deal with photography and image manipulation such as Kwerfeldein or Meet the GIMP, but also some others like Linux Photography or Photobuntu, which focus on the combination of photography and Linux.

You already know Meet the GIMP since I mentioned it in this posting.

Kwerfeldein is a really cool blog about digital photography. The main author is Martin Gommel, a photographer (and soon also a daddy :-)) and he blogs about everything that has to do with digital photography in a very personal style that I really like. Kwerfeldein also hosts a great forum – feel free to join and take part in the contest „Der Grosse Knall: Dein Bestes Foto!“.

Der grosse Knall from Martin Gommel on Vimeo.

There is also some more info about Kwerfeldein, but I will come to that in the next posting. Patience, my young padawan!

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  1. Hallo ! Du, vielen Dank für den Support, hatte diesen Beitrag irgendwie gar nicht gesehen, als ich hier letztes Mal Deine nette Seite besuchte.. Nunja – schönes Wochenende !

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