Yesterday, when Jonas was having a nap and the post man woke him up by ringing, I had an idea for a new invention – the Doorbell 2.0, a configurable doorbell. I imagine something like this: you don’t have just a button labeled with your name a visitor can push, it should have a small display that can show also IM like status messages like "Do not disturb", "I’m in the garden, please ring twice" or "Dear postman, please deliver my package to the neighbour". Of course you should consider, that a message like "No one is at home" could attract burglars, maybe the Doorbell 2.0 (everythings 2.0 these days …) could be connected to an intrusion detection system.
Doorbell 2.0 should be easily configurable via a web interface or a special device, which let’s you set different status messages, ringtones (hey Jamba, wanna buy my idea?) or just turn off the doorbell easily. No more disturbing while having a nap … unless some nasty folks pass by and ring the bell on purpose (but you could set your bell to silent then).