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Lately I became interested in photography. Maybe flickr egged me on or all the other fantastic photo sites on the web, I don't really know. But I know that I want to adhere all those fantastic moments in life. So I bought a used camera at ebay, a Canon EOS 500N. Yes it's analogous, oldfashioned, with a film in it, very retro 😀 But it was kinda cheap, a good camera for trying things out and learning. Plus I cannot afford a digital SLR. Now I need a nice little photo scanner so that I can share my pics with you out there. If anyone has a suggestion for a photo scanner (doesn't need to be a new model), don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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  1. Do you need a realy good scanner, or are you also intrested in a slow model. My parents about bying a new one, and they will not know, what to do with the old one.

    I have here in my room an "All-In-One"-Station from my grandparents. The printer does not work any longer, but the scanner is still very very OK.

    So, you can tell me tomorrow, if you are still looking.

    See you in the future

    Big A

  2. Wow that sounds good! Well no, it doesn't need to be fast as long as it has an acceptable resolution for photos and it doesn't require much space (as the all-in-one station might do). Let's talk about tomorrow, OK?! Thanks for the offer anyway!!

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