1. It rains all time when you travel there.
2. All Luxemburgians seem to love cats (big plus point!)
3. They call sparklers (german: Wunderkerze) Speizmänneche which means spitting manikins.
4. Luxemburgians dress up for Silvester parties (gosh, I was so underdressed!!!)
5. They make great food – for example Coquille Saint Jacques and some other things I can't remember the name of 🙂
6. They don't seem to like to be taken as Dutch.
7. The Grand Duke's name is Henri and he has important tasks to do on Silvester parties sometimes.
8. Luxemburgians have real great houses and love electronic toys.
9. Though they have there own language you are lost in Luxemburg when you don't know french.
10. Petrol is incredibly cheap!

Serge and Magali: Thanks again for inviting us to your place and the silvester party. We had some really great days in your small country!
Also thanks to Stefan and Dirk for showing is Trier, which is a really beautiful city.

[update] Check out the pics here