Allright, did I get your attention with the buzzword loaded headline? Good good, that was my intention.
Osotis is an online video search engine. No, it's not something like youtube or Google Video, it's much more! Harald gives an explanation in his blog (also here ) about what Osotis is and what makes it different from other video-related sites on the web:
1.(1) OSOTIS offers search within videos
(2) right now, most videos available at OSOTIS are academic lecture recordings
(3) OSOTIS does not host the videos (as youTube or Google does). They only provide links to your resources.
(4) You can register at OSOTIS and maintain your own video collections, maintain an own user profile, make friends, choose your favourite videos, and (!) you can tag videos.
(5) You can even tag inside video streams. This means that the tagging information also includes time information and that the search is able to replay the video exactly from the right position.
(6) OSOTIS is a social networking tool.

Sounds really interesting, right? Well I tell you, it is!
And by the way, if you register to Osotis before April 15 2007 you can win a 30GB iPod! Try the next generation video search engine!

Osotis is also on the CeBIT, like us in Hall 9, but booth D04.