We arrived in Hannover yesterday around noon. Dirk was on the same train as me, so we could travel together and the journey wasn’t that boring. Well the Sunday wasn’t that busy, since not so many business people have been on the fair, but therefore more „Beutelratten“ – people who just go to the CeBIT to collect the most possible amount of free giveaways and gadgets. Our hall, the future parc, is not famous for giving away so many things, so not so many of this species have been attracted to come here and visit our booth. The others of our chair, who have been here since Thursday, were kind of glad to leave, being all day at the booth, talking to people, explaining things, celebrating legendary „Stand-Parties“ seem to be a tough business (I guess I will learn myself the next days).
In the evening we were looking for a party to go to and went through _all_ halls (and I mean all!) – not finding anything, just some rare invitation-only parties, where we were not welcomed. Back in our hall, having bleeding feet and a stomach as tiny as a pea, we discovered that the Hessen-Booth was giving a party. *gosh* All that walking for nothing. Well it just wasn’t kind of our day, since they were ranning out of beer just as we arrived. We decided to take a taxi to go back to our hotel and go to a restaurant to eat something. Well fetching the right taxi was another story, but it’s too difficult to explain here. When we finally arrived in our accomodation in the lower-saxonian province, we met the landlord, who was a really funny looking guy (he had an inverted Hitler beard).
This morning we were a bit late since our taxi didn’t come on time to fetch us, but it was OK.
Finally some pics – again taken with my mobile phone, so dont bother me about the crappy quality 😉

Iva and Feng

Dirk and Feng

At the computer graphics booth next to us. The guy with the moustache and the camera filmed the 3D fligt over Berlin on the screen, commanding Rico to zoom and such – very funny!

Our booth