The last CeBIT day has come. It was very interesting and a nice experience to talk to people who apreciate our projects and our work.
Today is another Beutelratten-Tag and we have to take care for our stuff, many pens have already gone lost and many kids come to us just asking for freebies. That's the part of a fair which is not so nice, since those poeple are not interested in your work, they just come to get as much as possible for free.
Yesterday was a very successful day, many people from countries from all over the world came to our booth. In the evening we went to the O2-Party in Hall 26 which was really great – good music, nice drinks (but nothing to eat unfortunately) and we had a real great time there together with the Osotis guys(by the way, they have a blog now.
I really look forward to go home again, but it was a nice thing to be an exhibitor and see the other side of CeBIT.
My talk today at Future Talk went quite smooth, though the audience could have been bigger. I was pretty nervous in the beginning but a chat with the moderator before my talk calmed me down a bit.
Allright, see you on CeBIT next year! 😉