I just performed an update of my blogging software. Besides some bugfixes it also comes with some new features. It now has a usermanagement, so multiple authors can write blog posts (anyone wants to be guest author? ;-))
Also the preferences handling has been cleaned up, so now i can set the header graphics via the preferences dialog and don't need to fiddle with the php files themselves. Great!
Well the "related link" seem to have disappeared, so if you added del.icio.us support, you need to re-edit your themes.php and alter the section in the function theme_blogentry:

if ( $blog_config['blog_enable_permalink']){// New for 0.4.6
if ( isset( $entry_array[ 'permalink' ][ 'url' ] ) ) {
// Show 'permalink' symbol
$blog_content .= ' &#124; <a href="' . $entry_array
['permalink' ][ 'url' ] . '">' .
$entry_array[ 'permalink' ]
['name' ] . '</a>';
//show del.icio.us icon and link
$blog_content=$blog_content . ' &#124;
<a href="http://del.icio.us/post?url='
<img src="themes/default/images/delicious.gif"
height="10" width="10" alt="Bookmark this"/></a>';



I put the del.icio.us link directly in the if-clause of the permalink now.