Our old appartement is completely empty now. we did it – with the help of our families and friends – in only one weekend. It was exhausting and the new flat is of course not finished, but we have a bed, bathroom and kitchen ready. Many things are still packed in boxes, waiting to be unpacked into the still to buy furniture. It is amazing how much (useless) stuff you can collect in a little flat in 5 years – we threw away so many things, it's unbelievable.
Hope the Telekom sets up the telephone connection today, then our DSL provider can make its arrangements – it's so bad to be offline (gosh, it's hard to realize how dependend one can get of things).
The cat is ill and is still staying with my parents where she already spent the holidays. She has a bad cold with fever – get well soon my little furry one!
We went to an information event of the university's birth clinic yesterday – many people, almost even more round bellies (daddies seemed to try to keep up …) and a look into the facilities they offer … pretty interesting!