There are women who don't like pink clothings, gear, stuff … no matter if it's plushed or not. I am such a woman. Pink is too girlish, it's Paris Hilton style, it's cheap and screaming "Look at me, I am a helpless little woman, men of the world, please save me! I am lost without you!". A step backwards in my opinion. I don't wanna stress feminism here like it has been done in the 68s … but I do think that men and women are equal, that women can do things men do and that women can be self-concious and just act like a normal person. I really don't get the point of "femalizing" (i.e. paint it pink and make it plushy) things, especially technical gear. There are pink iPod cases, pink laptop bags, pink GPS systems … hello? I really wonder if there is any impact on female buying attitude due to pink products.
Petra doesn't like pink too (she is also a computer scientist having studied in Magdeburg) and wrote some things about pink women stuff in her blog here and here. She asks if "nowadays as a woman you are expected to like pink and companies expect more sales by using pink". Well good point! I have no clue, but the same suspect is in my mind. Does anyone have a clue?