It is December 31st, time for a bit of a review of the year. I found a nice posting in Petra's blog which I like to adopt for myself … so here are my personal highlights of 2007:

Our wedding in July and the birth of Jonas in November

Our honeymoon trip to the UAE

Our paper on the tele-TASK video podcasts, which was accepted for the SIGUCCS fall conference in Orlando (unfortunately I couldn't travel there because of my pregnancy). A video of our presentation held by my colleagues Serge and Andreas can be found here.

Hmmm, I haven't been to the movies that often this year and I cannot remember any movie, that was special. I was disappointed by "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", the book was way better, too much has been left out in the movie …

I really like the latest Ärzte album "Jazz ist anders"

Read some Rankin novels (Inspector Rebus series), which have been great. At the moment I am reading "Der goldene Kompass" ("His dark materials" by Philip Pullman) – quite nice to read, not comparable to Tolkien though (I read in a movie magazine, that the movie "The golden Compass" is like Tolkien for an advanced audience. Well I guess "Tolkien" was just a buzz word here, trying to attract more people to watch the movie.)