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Well, as promised, here are some details on the new wordpress installation and the import of the old simplephpblog postings. As I said before, I wanted to have some changes to my blog. I wasn’t satisfied with the categories, they never seem to really fit, being too general or too special. I wanted to have tags and a fancy tagcloud in my sidebar. I am not sure if simplephpblog is still under development, but it is pretty quiet and there’s not such a big and active community around simplephpblog like there is around wordpress. WordPress comes with a ton of themes and is easily extensible with plugins. And after I found a nice perl script to import my old postings into the new wordpress installation, I tried my luck and I am very satisfied with the result. I had to alter the script a bit, since I used compressing for the postings (stored in compressed text files) and the script could handle plain text files only. But it worked in the end, so here we go.

Ines also uses wordpress for blogging and has a nice listing of the plugins she is using, so I skipped through that list and installed some of these:

The theme I am using here is called Perun. I just adopted it a bit for my needs.

Another great feature of wordpress is, that you can write postings and edit them, before publishing them. This is great, since e.g. I had to interrupt writing this posting several times because I had to take care for the little one.

Well I hope to blog a bit more in the next time, also about my work on my PhD thesis. I don’t know how much time I will have for this endavour in the next weeks, but it’s my plan to use the free time (when Jonas is sleeping) for my scientific work.

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  1. Die Auflistung ist auch bloss ein Plugin… 😉 („Viper’s Plugins Used“)

  2. Hi Katrin,

    I found your blog as I was trying to change the header graphic in simplephpblog. I happen to travel in the direction opposite to yours, since I had to drop WordPress, which never worked for me. I use Linux and any message I write gets truncated at the first non ASCII char, and I did not get any help on the wordpress forums.
    There is also Dotclear which is very good, but it is „begware“ and I hate it. I’d better pay for a soft than having to be a „generous donator“ 😉



  3. Salut Alexandre!
    Sounds like your database for WordPress is having encoding problems?!
    Did you find a solution to change the header graphic in simplephpblog? I don’t know if they made this customizable meanwhile, but I remember I head to fix it hardcoding in some included php-file (something like header.php).

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