I really love flavoured coffee, especially with caramel. But the sirup you can buy is indecently expensive, something like €10 for a litre. But, at frag-mutti.de I found a recipe for making your own caramel sirup, so that’s what I did this morning.

You need 200g sugar and 250ml water. Pour the sugar into a pot and heat gently (maybe take an old pot, because if the sugar gets too hot and burns, you can put the pot directly in the trashcan). Don’t heat too much, otherwise the caramel gets bitter before you can say yummy. When the sugar is melted and has a nice brown color (don’t even think of trying that yummy smelling mass, you will burn your mouth badly), add the water. Be careful! When cold water meets hot sugar, it’s gonna be fun, so don’t move your face over the pot to take a look. Heat again, until the stiffened caramel is melted again in the water. Cook another 10 minutes with small heat, and your caramel sirup is ready to be filled into bottles. Enjoy!