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The local municipal transport services (MVB) have a new website. The old one was really not userfriendly, with lots of flash applications and such stuff. The new one seem to be more tidy and clear. And when you have a look under the hood and view the source code (which I did because I wanted to know if there is any hint on the CMS they are using) you see, that they use WordPress as well.

WordPress can be easily used as a CMS. Well in fact it is a CMS, specialized for blogging. Compared to other big CMS like Typo3, Joomla! or Plone it lacks loads of features but on the other hand it is really lightweight and maybe exactly what a small company needs. There are some tutorials on the web on howto turn WordPress into or use WordPress as a small CMS. In fact, I am also working on a small (commercial) website which is based on WordPress (launch will be in fall this year I hope).

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  1. WordPress doesn’t have as much features as other CMS but it’s so easy so much easier to use and customize. I use WordPress as CMS for a few website I’ve helped built.

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