GIMP 2.6 on Ubuntu 64bit and Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger)

Download Gimp 2.6 for Ubuntu 64bit

Last week the new release 2.6 of GIMP came out. Wohooo! There are some major and minor changes and improvements. The interface has changed somewhat, some tools are extended (check the new function of the freehand selection AKA lasso tool, it’s great!) and some other changes are under the hood and not visible to the user’s eye. For complete overview check the release notes over at Rolf from made a small video podcast about the new features of GIMP 2.6 (it has a great intro, by the way!). He also offers a ZIP archive with all necessary deb-files for Ubuntu 32bit.

I use Ubuntu on a 64bit machine, so I also packed a zip file with all necessary deb-files for 64bit Ubuntu. The debs are from After unpacking you can install them with the command

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Aonther issue was, that I wanted to try Gimp 2.6 on my MacBook. The only binary for Mac OSX I found was from didn’t work for me, I guess it was compiled for Leopard, but I am running Tiger. First I thought I just wait until someone releases a binary for Tiger, but then I gave it a try tp build a Gimp 2.6 package for Mac OSX Tiger myself. It was pretty difficult to solve all the dependencies, but in the end I could build Gimp 2.6. Unfortunately the application dies with a bus error when I try to start it. I guess it has something to do with Python, I read that it’s not so uncommon that python apps crash on Mac OSX with a bus error. I am using Python 2.5 and additional modules from MacPorts. Does anyone have a hint?

Update: There is a working binary for Tiger. Check this post.

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  1. Awesome, worked fine. Thanks for sharing.

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