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Heute gelernt

… dass eine Hyperniere keine fiese Krankheit ist.


… ist es, wenn man in den Nachrichten im Auto hört, dass irgendwelche Probebohrungen verschoben werden und man dabei im Rückspiegel den Hintermann dabei beobachtet, wie er herzhaft popelt. *yuk*

Living in less chaos

Telephone is working in our new home already – no nasty story with the Telekom you hear so often – everything went really smooth. The cat moved in as well – she still has a red nose, but she is getting better each day. Cats don't like it when they have to leave the home they are used to and so she is pretty nervous and sniffs on everything she can reach. I hope she gets accustomed to the new home soon and can relax then.
Hope to buy a new couch on weekend …

Living in chaos

Our old appartement is completely empty now. we did it – with the help of our families and friends – in only one weekend. It was exhausting and the new flat is of course not finished, but we have a bed, bathroom and kitchen ready. Many things are still packed in boxes, waiting to be unpacked into the still to buy furniture. It is amazing how much (useless) stuff you can collect in a little flat in 5 years – we threw away so many things, it's unbelievable.
Hope the Telekom sets up the telephone connection today, then our DSL provider can make its arrangements – it's so bad to be offline (gosh, it's hard to realize how dependend one can get of things).
The cat is ill and is still staying with my parents where she already spent the holidays. She has a bad cold with fever – get well soon my little furry one!
We went to an information event of the university's birth clinic yesterday – many people, almost even more round bellies (daddies seemed to try to keep up …) and a look into the facilities they offer … pretty interesting!

Back and busy

Back from honeymoon and already pretty busy with moving into our new bigger appartement. The holidays were awesome, seen a lot of new things and got a load of new impressions.
Well gotta get back to packing … won't post so much about the move itself. Hope that the Telekom and our internet provider work as they should do and we will have phone and internet access in our new flat soon.

There are also other important things on July 21 2007 …



Bye bye and hello

Yesterday the both of us celebrated their bachelor parties. My girls prepared a nice evening for me, including selfmade pizza and a cool t-shirt showing me with a viking helmet and "Krieger-Braut" (engl: warrior bride – Krieger will be my new name in 13 days – just registered a new e-mail address at GMX: warriorbride (at) gmx (dot) net 😀 )
Since it's not the time for wild parties for me, I just allowed myself a half glass of champaigne and we didn't meet with the guys like at Sandra's bachelor party last year.
The guys kidnapped Olaf from our home, blindfolded him and took him to a secret place where he had to face his first task: dress himself as a viking and meet his gang "Herr Olafsons letzte Horde" – and of course have a beer 😀
It must have been a nice and funny evening for all of them, although they had to go through some nasty games (like eating jelly made with booze). I already saw some photos, maybe I put some online later on.
Marrying must be a hot topic at the moment, they met 9 other bachelor parties on their tour through the city.
Wow, only 13 days left. Everything's set and arranged (I hope we didn't forget anything), now I hope and pray for good weather.
Busy times ahead. Looking forward so much for the wedding, our honeymoon and the move into our new appartement.

12 Seiten

… umfasste die Dissertation von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, die verschollen war und nun wieder aufgetaucht ist.
Wow. Zwölf Seiten. Sicher galten damals andere Richtlinien für eine Dissertation, aber ich glaube nicht, dass ich es schaffen würde, ein Thema auf 12 Seiten so zu behandeln, dass es mich selbst und auch die Gutachter zufriedenstellt. Es ist viel schwieriger, Dinge "kurz und knackig" auf den Punkt zu schreiben und auch noch lesenswert für andere zu machen. Auch wenn einige (ehemalige) Kommilitonen – insbesondere Geisteswissenschaftler – da vehement protestieren und ihre Texte mit Fremdwörtern und Schachtelsätzen so verzieren, dass sie kein Mensch mehr versteht. "Was du verstehst mein Essay nicht? Dann muss es gut sein."
Dies wird leider von vielen Dozenten aus diesem Metier noch unterstützt. Wissenschaft muss keine Texte für den Mann von der Straße produzieren, aber die vielleicht weniger gute Qualität des Inhalts mit undurchsichtigen Beschreibungen zu vernebeln ist auch nicht Ziel der Dinge. Just my 2 cents …
So und nun geh ich mal noch 12 Seiten schreiben …

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The biggest relief

The biggest relief came with a phone call yesterday morning.

Weird taste

I just discovered that the cat is crazy about Mom's citrus cake …