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Shoot the moon

Shoot the moon

ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/320s, 200mm

Thanksgiving Festival

We took the opportunity the weather gave us today to go over to the Elbauenpark and visit the Thanksgiving Festival. It was quite nice, many people had the same idea, so the park was pretty crowded but nevertheless we enjoyed some hours with fresh air and some good opportunities to take photos.

Love light

Single heart


My first attempt with Hugin (yeah I know, the white balance is crap)

Panoramic view of the Elbe

Long night of science

Which direction?

Cat or shark?

Cat or shark?

beneath II

I made a crop of the original "beneath" picture, I think it's more interesting now (click pics to view enlarged version).



Hier noch die von Ines vorgeschlagene Version des Fotos. Danke für den Hinweis, gefällt mir so auch ganz gut, wobei ich doch eher S/W-Fan bin. Und irgendwie stören die beiden Stangen im Vordergrund, zumindest die linke.

Winter photos

As I wrote in an earlier posting I took some nice pics when we took a walk in the Elbauenpark and on the banks of the (half) frozen Old Elbe. If you are interested, check them out on my flickr page.

[IMG] Cuuuute!

Still learning

Today I fetched the developed photos I took with my new cam – although there are really some nice ones I noticed that I still need to learn and excercise how to handle it – some have a wrong focus or are just blurry. Well but anyway – check out the new pics at my flickr page if you like to.