Warning: This post is in english 😉

Better late than never, here comes the report from the summer school. The avid (and regular) reader may remember, that I got accepted as a student for the ESWC Summer School 2013 and even won the Spread-the-word grant (again, a big thank you to you out there for clicking my referral link!).

So on Sept 1 I hopped on a plane (and another plane and even another plane) and flew to Crete (oh how I love Crete!!). On the airport in Heraklion I met Julio and his wife, who shared the taxi to Kalamaki with me. The journey itself was rather exhausting and all the lift-offs and landings caused a headache, but when I arrived in Kalamaki late in the evening and met Anett with whom I shared a room for the week, we went to the beach (it was turtle hatching season, but I didn’t see any turtle) and hit a little tavern, everything was cool. The mediterranean is so laid back and relaxed … balm for my stressed-out soul! weiterlesen →