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Die Guttenberg-Affäre

Unser Verteidigungsminister Herr zu Guttenberg hat sich also seinen Doktortitel durch Abschreiben erschlichen (oder erschleichen lassen), die Lüge ist aufgeflogen und nun ist er kein Doktor mehr.

Gestern hat er auf einer Wahlkampfveranstaltung eingeräumt, dass er bei der Erstellung seiner Dissertation „gravierende Fehler gemacht“ hat und „an der ein oder anderen Stelle den Überblick über die Quellen verloren“ hat.

Ja, wenn man so eine Arbeit schreibt, häuft sich viel Papier an, Publikationen anderer Wissenschaftler, Bücher, Konferenzbeiträge, die man zitieren will und muss, um die eigene Arbeit mit diesen Arbeiten in ein Verhältnis zu bringen, Definitionen daraus anzugeben, konträre Ansichten gegenüberzustellen. Das ist viel Arbeit, man muss viel lesen und schreiben, und manchmal droht man sich auch zu verzetteln. Das gehört zum Prozess des Schreibens so einer Arbeit dazu.

Aber dass man von über 80 Textpassagen nicht mehr weiß, ob man sie selbst geschrieben hat oder ob sie von jemand anderem stammen, dann ist das einfach eine dreiste Lüge. Das ist Quatsch. Man weiß, was man selbst gemacht hat und was nicht. Etwas anderes zu behaupten und zu hoffen, dass die anderen das glauben, verkauft die anderen für dumm und ist einfach respektlos gegenüber anderen Wissenschaftlern und Studierenden, die auf ehrliche Weise wissenschaftliche Arbeiten abfassen.

Da gibt nun der Herr Verteidigungsminister ganz reumütig seinen schicken Doktortitel ab und denkt, nun ist alles wieder gut. Aber was er damit gemacht hat, ist ein herber Schlag gegen die Wissenschaftskultur in Deutschland und Europa.


There are women who don't like pink clothings, gear, stuff … no matter if it's plushed or not. I am such a woman. Pink is too girlish, it's Paris Hilton style, it's cheap and screaming "Look at me, I am a helpless little woman, men of the world, please save me! I am lost without you!". A step backwards in my opinion. I don't wanna stress feminism here like it has been done in the 68s … but I do think that men and women are equal, that women can do things men do and that women can be self-concious and just act like a normal person. I really don't get the point of "femalizing" (i.e. paint it pink and make it plushy) things, especially technical gear. There are pink iPod cases, pink laptop bags, pink GPS systems … hello? I really wonder if there is any impact on female buying attitude due to pink products.
Petra doesn't like pink too (she is also a computer scientist having studied in Magdeburg) and wrote some things about pink women stuff in her blog here and here. She asks if "nowadays as a woman you are expected to like pink and companies expect more sales by using pink". Well good point! I have no clue, but the same suspect is in my mind. Does anyone have a clue?

Encrypted crap

After RTL Television announced it yesterday, today ProSieben.SAT1 also jumped on the train: If authorities will agree, they will encrypt their programme from 2007 on. If you wanna watch their shows, you have to pay for it and you'll get a fancy box for decoding.
Sorry guys, but do you really think people will pay for that crap you are broadcasting? For talk shows with moronic people shouting at each other, court shows with even worse actors or this thing you call news, showing the latest happenings around celebs? Sorry, I think this plan will backfire … I won't pay a single cent for that and many people think so too ….



Aus Wikipedias Magdeburg-Artikel:

Der Name der Stadt geht etymologisch auf das Wort „Machte“ zurück. Dies bedeutet „Mächtige Burg“. Daher wird das a auch kurz ausgesprochen im aktuellen Namen.

Also, nun auch wissenschaftlich belegt, liebe Nicht-Magdeburger: Es heisst Magdeburg, nicht Maaagdeburg. Das tut sonst weh in unseren Ohren. Wirklich!

Have a great day!

Counting the days until our holidays. 18 days left. I feel pretty burned out, tired all day, just longing for a rest *sigh*
This morning at 6:30 (a.m.!) three young guys (around 18 I guess) have been sitting in the tram, totally drunken, shouting, singing. Yeah that's my imagination about a good start of a day.

Coder's delight

It's really great during bugfixing in code from someone else, when you find comments like

[pre]// if we try to find a better combination than standard,
// while standard cannot be found, we have to give up
// otherwise this will result in an infinite-loop[/pre]

The Da Vinci Code – Sakrileg

We went to the movies on Friday to see "The Da Vinci Code". I was really curious for that movie, also because many people despite professional critics seem to like it although the cast didn't seem to really fit (as I already wrote here and here).
So I had kind of low expectations – but I was really positively surprised. I loved the movie! OK, Tom Hanks looks weird at first with his unusual longer hair but he acted great and gave a very convincing Robert Langdon. Also other actors like Audrey Tautou (Sophie Neveu), Jean Reno (Bezu Fache), Paul Bettany (wow, very scary as the albino monk!) or Ian McKellan (Sir Leigh Teabing, great performance going crazy about the grail) did their job extraordinary well and gave the Dan Brown novel a face – another face than I imagined when I read the book, but that's the story when novels get filmed.
Forget all the rants about the book and the movie (hey it's only a story, not claiming to tell the truth about everything, so the church should cool down and relax a bit) and go and watch it.
So I am looking forward to see the movie of "Angels and Demons" which was just announced to be filmed after the big success of "The Da Vinci Code".

Things that make my day

A google ad .. don’t know what I have been searching for …

(English: You look terrible. Me too – but I am rich. Don’t be poor at the same time.)

A commuter's life

It's amazing how easy one adopts to new situations and changes. I'm a kind of person who don't really likes changes – I need fix points, things to rely on. Changes make me feel uncertain and vulnerable. Last week my life and especially everyday life have changed drastically, since I got a new job and i am commuting every day several hours. Amazing how one seeks and finds new fix points to find orientation and reliability. I see the same school kids on the tram stations, go by train with some folks from the Arbeitsamt (which I figured out from there talks) who drop off in Burg and see the same dude walking by in front of the train station, wearing a hat which makes him look pretty much like an idiot. I have a look back to my house when the train goes by. Trains are great places for watching people. Men in suits abusing there laptops by literally hacking presentations as if they where using an oldfashioned typewriter, students making there homework on the train, drunken shouting at their family and the dog (so happened yesterday, I could hear him through my earphones).
Another change is, that time seems to fly by much faster now. It's already friday, still feel like the week has just begun.
And as I write this entry on my palm as a memo, I wonder if I should write a blogging app for it, or at least for PC to automatically turn this memo into a blog entry on next sync.

P.S: I dreamed last night I met Johnny from Spreeblick on the train. I guess I listen too much to his podcast, which is another fix point in my new life, since I now listen to it regularly. If you can recommend other great podcast, leave a comment or drop me a message.

Welcome new exciting lifes, bye bye sweet student life.

The last days …

… many new information and impressions, a nice new workplace, nice colleages … they seem to have googled me after my first day *g* since one of my colleagues discussed some programs, which can be found on my homepage, with me. So I gotta be careful and always have to write how nice they treat me (in fact, they do it) :-D.
We spent the evening yesterday in the garden of Ani's parents and had a barbecue. It was really nice, but temperature dropped quickly after sunset, even warm jackets and a swedish fire could not prevent my feet from turning into iceblocks.
Hayfever treats me bad this year, at least when I am at home, since a big birch stands in front of our house *sneeze*.
It looks like we will move to Berlin soon.