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Java 4-ever

Heute mal ein Video für die IT-affinen Leser 🙂 Einfach nur großartig gemacht!

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Interview with Linus Torvalds

The Linux Foundation has started a new blog called Open Voices.

„The Linux Foundation Podcast featuring conversations with Executive Director Jim Zemlin and Open Source Luminaries.“

Podcasts are offered in MP3 and OGG. The first interview (which is actually split in two parts) has been held with Linus Torvalds, talking about software patents, Microsoft, Sun, Linux on Desktop and the future of Linux without Linus.

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MS-DOS auf Drogen

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Microsoft bashing

Although I really don't like these Windows vs. Linux-, KDE vs. Gnome- oder whatever-wars, this neat little video is just too funny to hide. A brief history of everyone’s favourite company:Microsoft.

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Longhorn wird Vista

Golem meldet, dass die unter dem Namen Longhorn entwickelte Windows-Version unter dem Namen "Windows Vista" verkauft werden soll. Und wer ist schuld daran? molli123 meint, dass es die Firma ist, in der er in Lohn und Brot steht …