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Simon’s Cat – Double Trouble

Endlich ein neuer Simon’s Cat-Film, der mich herzhaft zum Lachen gebracht hat:

Leave me

Leave Me from Daros Films on Vimeo.

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Ein großartiger Film über Magdeburgs Menschen:

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The Da Vinci Code – Sakrileg

We went to the movies on Friday to see "The Da Vinci Code". I was really curious for that movie, also because many people despite professional critics seem to like it although the cast didn't seem to really fit (as I already wrote here and here).
So I had kind of low expectations – but I was really positively surprised. I loved the movie! OK, Tom Hanks looks weird at first with his unusual longer hair but he acted great and gave a very convincing Robert Langdon. Also other actors like Audrey Tautou (Sophie Neveu), Jean Reno (Bezu Fache), Paul Bettany (wow, very scary as the albino monk!) or Ian McKellan (Sir Leigh Teabing, great performance going crazy about the grail) did their job extraordinary well and gave the Dan Brown novel a face – another face than I imagined when I read the book, but that's the story when novels get filmed.
Forget all the rants about the book and the movie (hey it's only a story, not claiming to tell the truth about everything, so the church should cool down and relax a bit) and go and watch it.
So I am looking forward to see the movie of "Angels and Demons" which was just announced to be filmed after the big success of "The Da Vinci Code".

Are Hollywood producers able to read?

Some time ago I complained about Tom Hanks acting as Robert Langdon in "The da vinci code". Today I stumbled upon the IMDB entry for that movie again – and I need to complain again. I really wonder if producers have read the book by Dan Brown? Not that only Tom Hanks – although being a great actor – is not the right cast for protagonist, also other casts are completely messed up in my opinion. Ian McKellen acts as Sir Leigh Teabing. Come on, not really, huh? Leigh Teabing is described as an older, pudgy man – and Ian McKellen isn't pudgy at all! Richard Griffiths, known as Uncle Vernon from the Harry Potter movies or as the Magistrate from Sleepy Hollow, would have been perfect. Jean Reno acting as Bezu Fache? Allright, who else could cast a french policemen? Paul Bettany is Silas, the albino monk. Well he is blonde, but he has to work out a bit to act as Silas. I am really curious for that movie but I fear it will be a big disappointment if you have read the book.

Wie Verfilmungen den Zauber von Büchern zerstören können …

Gerade habe ich auf IMDB entdeckt, dass 2006"Das Sakrileg" von Dan Brown ("The Da Vinci Code" im Original) verfilmt werden soll. Die Verfilmung an sich war meines Erachtens nach nur eine Frage der Zeit, vor allem nachdem sich schon andere Filme wie "Das Vermächtnis der Tempelritter" oder diese grauslige Pro7-Verfilmung dieses Stoffs angenommen haben. Aber wenn ich mir die Besetzungsliste so durchlese, kann die Verfilmung nur schlecht werden. Tom Hanks als Robert Langdon??? Nicht im Ernst oder? Nichts gegen Tom Hanks – aber die Rolle des smarten Harvard-Professors, der am kitschigen Ende in die Arme der Hauptdarstellerin sinkt, kann ich ihn mir absolut nicht vorstellen – das wäre eher eine Rolle für Pierce Brosnan oder von mir aus auch Sam Neil … aber doch nicht Tom Hanks! Aber er war wohl des Regisseurs (Ron Howard) erste Wahl …

Verfilmte Trilogie in fünf Bänden

Irgendwie hab ich das heute erst mitbekommen, dass eines meiner Lieblingsbücher verfilmt wird und im Mai in die Kinos kommen wird (zumindest wohl in den Staaten). Da bin ich mal gespannt, weil ich finde, dass das ziemlich schwer verfilmbarer Stoff ist. Nun ja, Peter Jackson hat das ja auch ganz passabel hinbekommen, aus einem sehr komplexen Plot drei gute Filme zu machen.

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