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Nach > 100 Schlägen (d.h. 11 Schnäpsen O_o) mit einem viel zu kleinen Hammer war auch der letzte viel zu große Nagel im Dachstuhl verschwunden. Schön wars, unser Richtfest und trotz der Kälte (und dank Soljanka und Glühwein) hatten wir viele Gäste 🙂 Schön, dass ihr alle da wart! Und danke an unsere Family für die tatkräftige Unterstützung bei der Organisation und Bewirtung 🙂

Zur Einweihungsparty ist es wärmer, versprochen!

Happy new year!

To all my friends, foes and fellow readers: Have a very happy year 2009! May all your dreams and wishes will come true (hard work for fullfilling your dreams pays off …)

We had an awesome Sylvester Silvester New Year’s Eve party with Raclette and Feuerzangenbowle, apple pie with icecream and loads of other yummy stuff. We sat until 4 or 5 in t morning, talking and having a good time. Jonas slept very well, didn’t even wake up at 12 when the firecrackers went off. So, yesterday was a tired and kind of lazy day, hence the belated new year post.

I am very much looking forward to this year. I just have a good feeling about it and I am curious for the things it might bring.

Bye bye and hello

Yesterday the both of us celebrated their bachelor parties. My girls prepared a nice evening for me, including selfmade pizza and a cool t-shirt showing me with a viking helmet and "Krieger-Braut" (engl: warrior bride – Krieger will be my new name in 13 days – just registered a new e-mail address at GMX: warriorbride (at) gmx (dot) net 😀 )
Since it's not the time for wild parties for me, I just allowed myself a half glass of champaigne and we didn't meet with the guys like at Sandra's bachelor party last year.
The guys kidnapped Olaf from our home, blindfolded him and took him to a secret place where he had to face his first task: dress himself as a viking and meet his gang "Herr Olafsons letzte Horde" – and of course have a beer 😀
It must have been a nice and funny evening for all of them, although they had to go through some nasty games (like eating jelly made with booze). I already saw some photos, maybe I put some online later on.
Marrying must be a hot topic at the moment, they met 9 other bachelor parties on their tour through the city.
Wow, only 13 days left. Everything's set and arranged (I hope we didn't forget anything), now I hope and pray for good weather.
Busy times ahead. Looking forward so much for the wedding, our honeymoon and the move into our new appartement.

Party weekend

On Friday night we have been to Christian's birthday party. He invited us to a barbecue evening in front of the studen't accomodations. We had a great time, thanks again for the invitation! Although we had a thunderstorm with some rain (which caused a wet shirt, thank god I didn't wear a white one *g*) it was a cool party. Check out the pics here.

Yesterday we have been to Silke's birthday party, which was in fact a soccer party since we watched the match Germany vs. Portugal, who played for the 3rd place. I gonna upload the pics soon.


So, das haben wir auch über die Bühne gebracht! Mit Radtour und Grillen trotz der fiesen Sticheleien, die Petrus sich für diesen Tag ausgedacht hat. Phhh! Ich denke auch die extra eingeflogenen Gäste aus der Schweiz (die auch noch mit allerlei seltsamen Ritualen aufwarteten) und anderen deutschen Gefilden haben sich recht wohl gefühlt, auch wenn wir Anrés Wohnheimzimmer etwas umgestaltet haben.
Das sollten wir im nächsten Jahr wieder machen – mit gleicher Besetzung (:-P @ Big A), war lustig!
Eine Selektion der an diesem Abend geschossenen 219 (!) Fotos sind hier zu finden.

Pics and more

Finally I put the pics of our latest Hiwi-Party at Tinus' place on the web, you can find them here. Also the pics of our brunch this morning are online.
I made an overview of all the galleries (I only linked the single galleries to blog entries so far), see the link "Photo Galleries" in the menu on the right side.

Bread and Games

Yesterday Sandra, Gregor and Robert came to our place, we made Pizza and played Carcassonne. Check out the pics here.

Indian style party

Yesterday we invited some friends to celebrate my master's degree and our engagement. I cooked some nice indian style meals – vegetable curry, meat ball curry with coconut gravy, tandoori chicken, banana cream fish and naan bread and chapatis (see the following blog entries for receipes).
My friends gave me a "memory box" – a box to put in stuff from my uni time, with a nice bottle of wine, a receipes book (for that I can cook more yummy stuff for them) and a gift certificate for a very mysterious bike tour (I am pretty curious what's that supposed to mean ..). And: I got a really cool hat!!
It was a nice evening, we had a lot of fun and i was pretty drunk of Gin Tonic. Pics are here.

BBQ season

Yes we did it! We had the first barbecue in this year on Friday – so still in March – not in April (which is pretty important accordingly to our Master of BBQ). The weather was OK at the beginning, later it started to rain, so we had to move under the porch of Big A's dorm. And: we had self-made steaks – just like in old times, since our supermarket did not offer barbecue steaks yet. A taste that woke long forgotten memories …

Check out the pics here.

Barbarians are striking

It was just a chilly saturday. We had a walk through the cold Magdeburg, saw people iceskating in the Elbauenpark and went down to the old Elbe which was heavily covered with ice. It was pretty cold, around -7 degrees but we didn't freeze and I took a bunch of photos, I am really curious for the results (gonna have them developed first).
Had a really nice evening at André's place in the student's accomodations. He made really yummy fajitas and tomatoe soup. We played "Settlers of Catan" with the "Knights and cities" extension set which made the game more exciting (to be frank I think the normal "Settlers" is pretty boring …) – you can develop cities with libraries, market places etc. and have to defend your cities of the striking barbarians. Zanni and Ani joined us later and we played until almost 1am. Olaf has won.