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Ein großartiger Film über Magdeburgs Menschen:

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I really have a profound aversion againgst egoism and it appears to me, that egoism is an attitude which is increasign rapidly.
Just two examples:
1. The train I got to work with is mostly used by commuters like me (there are many faces you see there everyday at the same time). When these people go home in the evening, the finished a long and straining work day. All they long for is a bit of a rest and as less noise as possible. Of course you cannot expect absolute silence in a room where so many people stay, but if each person pays a bit of respect to the others and tries not to disturb them, everything's gonna be fine. But some people don't seem to care. They shout, drink, listen to loud music (best thing is when they turn on their headphones so loud, that you hear every single clink of their Schranz tracks. Absolutely great are also teenagers listening to hip hop coming out of their mobile phone – does anyone of them care about sound quality? I guess not.) …

2. When I got home yesterday evening I thought it'd be great to spend some time on the balcony, have some dinner and maybe work on my paper. When I opened the appartement door it smelled heavily of spirit. The moment I opened the balcony door I had already closed it again. A stinging stench and blue clouds made me jump. That girl living below was really having a barbecue party on her balcony! I had no chance to get some fresh air, the appartement was smelly and my mood sank below zero. We have a large meadow behind our house which would have been a much better place for a barbecue and it wouldn't have bothered the other people living in our house. Funny thing is that it was that girl who put a sign on the entrance door of our house "Please close this door quietly". So that's about the respect of others.

… just some remarks on a tired friday morning …