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Durch unseren Umzug musste ich natürlich auch mein ZEIT-Abo auf die neue Adresse triggern. Dafür gibt es online einen klasse Umzugsservice – man trägt in ein Formular seine alte und neue Adresse ein und dann wird die Zeitung an die neue Adresse geschickt*. Klingt theoretisch einfach, praktisch musste ich etwas nachhelfen. Ich hatte frühzeitig, also vor unserem eigentlichen Umzugstermin diesen Service in Anspruch genommen und die neue Adresse (und den neuen Namen) mitgeteilt. Zwei Wochen lang tat sich nichts, ich bekam weder eine Bestätigung noch eine Zeitung. Ich schrieb eine Mail und beschwerte mich, immerhin bezahle ich ja dafür und bekomme keine Gegenleistung. Gestern hatte ich die zwei verpassten Ausgaben und heute morgen die frische ZEIT im Briefkasten – top!

* Wie hoch ist das Missbrauchsrisiko? Wenn ich Name und Adresse eines Abonnenten weiß, melde ich einfach beim Umzugsservice meine Adresse und lasse die Zeitung einfach an meine Adresse schicken?!

Living in less chaos

Telephone is working in our new home already – no nasty story with the Telekom you hear so often – everything went really smooth. The cat moved in as well – she still has a red nose, but she is getting better each day. Cats don't like it when they have to leave the home they are used to and so she is pretty nervous and sniffs on everything she can reach. I hope she gets accustomed to the new home soon and can relax then.
Hope to buy a new couch on weekend …

Living in chaos

Our old appartement is completely empty now. we did it – with the help of our families and friends – in only one weekend. It was exhausting and the new flat is of course not finished, but we have a bed, bathroom and kitchen ready. Many things are still packed in boxes, waiting to be unpacked into the still to buy furniture. It is amazing how much (useless) stuff you can collect in a little flat in 5 years – we threw away so many things, it's unbelievable.
Hope the Telekom sets up the telephone connection today, then our DSL provider can make its arrangements – it's so bad to be offline (gosh, it's hard to realize how dependend one can get of things).
The cat is ill and is still staying with my parents where she already spent the holidays. She has a bad cold with fever – get well soon my little furry one!
We went to an information event of the university's birth clinic yesterday – many people, almost even more round bellies (daddies seemed to try to keep up …) and a look into the facilities they offer … pretty interesting!

Back and busy

Back from honeymoon and already pretty busy with moving into our new bigger appartement. The holidays were awesome, seen a lot of new things and got a load of new impressions.
Well gotta get back to packing … won't post so much about the move itself. Hope that the Telekom and our internet provider work as they should do and we will have phone and internet access in our new flat soon.

So many things …

… done and happened this week

* signed the contract for our new appartement – so we will move into 4 new rooms with terrace and two floors (101 sqm!!) in august

* got disconcerting test results from the doctor, stayed sick at home for two days, more tests to come next week *sigh* – hope that everythings turns out all right

* only 5 weeks until wedding – ordered 3 layer wedding cake and done some smaller things, but still 1000 things to do *sighagain*

* belly starts growing, belly buttons comes out – very strange

* started to throw away things from the flat – tons of old CDs from magazines and such stuff, more things will be thrown away within the next weeks – a very relieving and „cleaning“ feeling, but also some kind of farewell to student live – eventually

* …